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Please join both our mailing lists! One is for official board updates, one is for a community-managed list for neighbor-to-neighbor communication. Neither will ever post your personal info! This is just so you can be included in updates via email. Fill in below for official, board list.

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Mailing List 2: The Community List

Fill in below to be included in our unofficial community list. You can post on the website, discuss community issues, or be a part of of occasional hosted neighbor-to-neighbor discussions. All emails will be reviewed before distributing to everyone, to keep email to a minimum.

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Contact the Board of Directors by emailing You can also email the board and its members by mailing us at: 174 Indian Trails Rd., Milford, PA 18337.

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Use our email address to reach volunteers currently on these committees. Indicate the committee you are trying to reach in the subject line.

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